What is Portend?

Portend is a scalable, intelligent, cloud-based platform that turns insight-generating code into marketable data products faster and with fewer steps than ever before.

Data Science, Accelerated

  • Streamlined Production: Portend streamlines the data production process by eliminating time-consuming DevOps tasks.
  • Intelligent Resource Management: Portend intelligently manages resources to run high-volume services efficiently and scalably, keeping costs low and performance high.
  • Platform Independent: Portend is a cloud-based application framework that is easily accessible through a web browser and fits seamlessly into any data analysis workflow.
  • Language Agnostic: Portend runs all common data analysis languages.
  • Instant Deployment: In two commands, users have access to a bespoke ETL, computation, and data manipulation service.
  • Dynamic Editing: Portend provides drag-and-drop application construction and on-the-fly code editing.

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